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About Meraprofit DSC Agent Portal

Meraprofit is associated with the licensed Certifying Authorities under the Information Technology Act of India, which are authorized to issue DSCs like Emudhra, Vsign, Sify SafeScrypt, Capricon and Pantasign.

Meraprofit provides one separate login access for multiple agency logins. Our comprehensive DSC Partner Login helps you to purchase DSCs online, make payments, check your submitted requests, get updated DSC and Token prices, details of ongoing offer and many more.

We can help partners become a Digital Certificate Service Provider to their customers by delivering an extensive depth and breadth of expertise and experience that ultimately can lead to repeat business for the partners.

Benefits of Becoming Meraprofit DSC Agent

  1. • One stop Solution for All your DSC requirements
  2. • No Agency fees
  3. • No Expiry Date for Unused DSC In Stock
  4. • Get DSCs at Best Competitive Price
  5. • Create your own DSC Channel Network i.e. Create Agents under your Login
  6. • No mandatory Bulk Purchases Required.
  7. • Additional Business Opportunity - To resell Other Products & Services of Meraprofit
  8. • No signed Hard Copy Documents required (Aadhaar Based)
  9. • Dedicated Expert Assistance / Partner Support
  10. • Zero Dependency - Direct dealing with the Certifying Authority.
  11. • No restriction on selling price
  12. • Get Benefit of GST, Claim ITC (If GST registered)
  13. • Issue DSC from your own office